Our Technology


 Dust on solar panels can reduce energy output by up to 25 % in desert regions and up to 100% during dust storm events. Our patent-pending, self-cleaning technology removes dust from solar panels and regains up to 95% of lost energy. The technology is based on proprietary electrodes that generate electric fields to sweep away dust from solar panels. 

Problem to address

 After conducting 180 customer interviews we found that the current solution of using manual labor and water to clean solar panels is an inefficient, expensive and unsustainable. There is an urgent need for fully automated, scalable and waterless cleaning technology. 

Value proposition

 Our target market is a utility-scale solar installations in desert regions, where water is a scarce resource. The technology is projected to save $48 million in energy cost and 2.6 billion gallons of potable water over the 25-year lifetime of a solar panel for the 100MW utility-scale solar installation.  

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